Tom sharpe riotous assembly

Porterhouse Blue and Blott on the Landscape were my favourites. I read most of this while relaxing in my local pub. Welcome to the world of Tom Sharpe.

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As she also reveals, Fivepense was her lover for the past eight years. Books by Tom Sharpe. The spectators for this event could be in store for a bit of bloody bloodshed with all the crazies turned loose on one another. Frank Baum 1 L.

Riotous Assembly (Piemburg, #1) by Tom Sharpe

Would you believe this little old lady orchestrates a reenactment of a decisive battle between a redcoat English infantry and Zulu warriors on the parade-ground of an insane asylum where hundreds of mental patients, black and white, participate with great enthusiasm? Giotous me of new posts via email. In the distance, we see a bus bombing along the highway at high speed, slowing down and then screeching to a halt.

This site uses cookies. Leave a comment 1 Comment Book Review: Sharpe is your man. Nov 12, Colin Mckenna rated it it was amazing Shelves: He visualized it and vowed it would never happen, even if it meant he had to kill her to prevent it.

Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe (1971)

I laughed and cringed throughout. Jonathan Hazelstone, Bishop of Barotseland: A delicious blend of satire and farce shot through with caricature-like characterisation, dazzling wit and healthy dollops of smut. Brilliant, brilliant satire of segregation in South Africa, and especially the useless and deplorable South African police force. September 27, at 6: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Read Riotous Assembly 3 times, laughed until I cried each time. For the first time Ayoola has her sights on a man Korede is infatuated with. As the Kommandent sees it, riotouss could bring down the whole of society and cause disgrace for the city and so it must be covered up, at any cost.

Now the Kommandant has a true assemb,y on his buffoonish hands. And so the narrative goes, madly, absurdly, dizzyingly, on, having left all plausibility and verisimilitude far behind after the first few pages as it escapes into a completely new world of absurdist farce, bitterly satirical, savagely violent and very, very funny.

It is sooooooooo good and reminds me I must pick up much more fiction from Nigeria as I always love it. Check nearby libraries with: History Created October 16, 6 revisions Download catalog record: Jefferson Farjeon 1 J.

Igoni Barrett 1 A. Further suggestions might be found on the article's talk page. Also, it was quite erratic and a bit hard to follow at times, at others, over the top.

But the main result is that when the policemen advance towards the gatehouse they are immediately fired on by the psychotic Konstabel Els, the elephant gun having truly awesome powers of destruction and mutilation. Mar 02, Richard Beasley assembpy it it was amazing.

However Miss Hazelstone killed him in the garden and will not rriotous him, or what is left of him, nor will she have another member of her staff do it.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Return to Book Page. This novel might make anyone think twice about the merits of the TRC Truth and Reconciliation Commission — the agency which tried to get South Africa into the modern age without getting a tenth of the white population punished.

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